Best Way To Make Money At Online Casino


Many people believe that it’s impossible to make money from online casinos, either because “the casino is scamming people” or because “the games are made so you will lose”. Both of these beliefs are true at some level, depending on how you see things. I think you will find it less common with casinos that are scamming people than you thought. The website is listing online casinos to be aware of, and the list is partly from a user reporting bad experiences at an online casino. And still, the list is fairly short.

But are games rigged to the casinos’ advantage? They are, in a way. But it’s important to make a difference between a casino’s in-house game (a game that’s only available at that specific casino) and third-party slot games. In-house games are more likely to be rigged because third-party slots are provided to a huge amount of casinos all over the world. And this is (partly) why I’m sticking to slots.

Casinos use RTP (Return To Player) as a measure of how much profit the casino is making. If you play a game with an RTP of 96%, it means that on average 96% of all the money played on this game will go back to the players. It does not mean that if you play for $1,000, you will get $960 back. That’s why some people lose while others win big time.

RTP means "Return To Player"

How To Make Money From Online Casinos

If you have played at online casinos, you have probably seen various contests the casino holds. The most common one is the “wagering contest”, and is one of the contests I stay away from. The wagering contest rewards the player or players that have the highest wagering over a set period of time. The reason I don’t participate in these contests is simple, I’m not rich.

Wagering contest
This is a wagering contest for 24 hours

As seen in the picture above, winning a wagering contest require that you wager a lot of money. There’s no reason for me to even try to wager over 4 million dollars, or even $100,000. I just don’t have that kind of money.

For those of us who don’t have the kind of money that we can wager millions of dollars per day, there are other contests.

Multiplier contests!

Often these contests involve specific games, usually from the same game provider. When playing the games you get to use your best win (with the highest multiplier) from each game. The multipliers are then added together and will represent your points. The person with the highest points when the contest is over wins first prize.

The Best Way To Make Money At Online Casino

At the Pragmatic Play $10,000 New Year Contest, held by BC Game, I had the most points once the contest was finished. From this, I got $1,875 plus an extra $50 for hitting the bounty, giving me a total of $1925. You might asking how much I spent to win this contest, and it’s a fair question.

I deposited $200 at the beginning of the contest, and that money had grown to a bit over $800 by the end of the contest. So in addition to the $1925 I got from the actual contest, I made a bit over $600 in profit. That is $2525 in one week, from playing games I would have played anyway.

But the competition is hard, isn’t it?

Yes, if you aim to get among the top 5 the competition is hard. But at BC Game all participants that fulfil the requirements get a cash prize. The requirement is very easy to fulfil, just get a multiplier of 10 in any of the games involved in the contest. A “Multiplier of 10” means that if you make a $0.2 bet, you win 10 times that bet ($2.00), and anyone can do that!

From the competition above, everyone who didn’t make it to the top 10 will get an equal share of $1,875!

So if you want to try to make money from an online casino, whether to grab a first prize or just a share of the bigger pool of winners, I suggest that you start here.

Win money at BC Game
Join me here!

Sign up at BC Game, and once you’ve done that you should navigate to their forum where all the contests are posted. I wish you good luck, and maybe someday you and I will be fighting for first place in one of these contests!

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