Can Quora Become What Medium Lost?


Most people have probably heard of Quora. However, I used to write on Medium about things I’m interested in. In the beginning, it was more for my own sake than to gain readers. At the time I had recently started to gain interest in cryptocurrencies, especially smart contracts.

I did a lot of research on the internet, tried and failed and tried and failed again and again. Once I succeeded with a project I wrote it as a guide on Medium because that helped me to remember what I had done, what worked and what didn’t.

Eventually, some people started to notice and appreciate my guides. I never got a huge following, but I got enough reads per month to pay for my Medium membership and some change.

Medium statistics
My views the past 30 days (I haven’t published anything new since august -22)

At the beginning of 2022 Medium decided that to be eligible to be a paid partner at Medium, you needed to have at least 100 followers.

I didn’t have 100 followers, I never tried to build followers. I wrote because I thought it was fun and because others found my texts helpful. The payment was just a bonus, proof that people read and liked what I wrote. With the changes Medium went through, that was going to change as well.

Instead of writing for myself I, and I noticed many others with me, started writing what we thought would be the best way to attract new followers. I quickly realized that my writing went from being a fun hobby to almost work-like, where catching followers were more important than the content of my texts.

So I stopped writing on Medium, and for a while, I stopped writing altogether.

Then I got an opportunity to work as a freelancing content writer, which got me back into writing again. Since I no longer had a place to write, I started my this website (, where I now publish most of my texts.

Then some time ago I got an email from Quora, about some questions they thought I could answer. I haven’t spent much time on Quora, but I was bored today and checked out my profile. And I noticed that you can get paid for writing here as well, without any demands for a certain quota to be fulfilled.

Write interesting things that people like, then more people will read it and you get paid more. Just as it used to be with Medium.

Quora needs to re-work the interface some and also work on rebranding itself as, not just a site to ask and answer questions, but a place for writers to publish and earn from their content.

How To Get Monetized On Quora

Click on your profile at the top right corner and choose monetization.


Select your country and at the next screen click “creating a space”.

Creating a space
Create the space

When all this is done, click on “monetization” in your profile again.

Setup monetization

You can now see your newly created space and are given the option to set up monetization.

Choose monetization

Choose which type of monetization you wish to use, space subscriptions, revenue sharing or ad revenue. You can pick one or more.

Now you have set up your space and enabled it to be monetized. Next, you need to connect Quora with Stripe for your payment.

Setup Stripe

Whenever you write a new post in your space, you will get the option to monetize it by one or more of the monetization options you chose earlier.

Choose monetization of the post

Now you’re good to go!

This means monetized post

You can find Creepybits on Quora here: Creepybits Place

How much or little you can earn on Quora remains to be seen, most likely I won’t use it very often since I have this website.

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