Combo Bet


What is a Combo Bet?

If you are betting on more than one game or match simultaneously, you could combine your bets into a Combo Bet. Instead of having three different bets in three separate fights, we have now created one bet to cover all three fights.

Combo bet

How are the odds calculated?

Making a Combo Bet will increase the odds, meaning that your profit will be greater when making a Combo Bet than if you bet on each event individually. Taking the example above; should you make an individual bet of $100 on each of the fights and win them all, your profit would be:

500-100 = $400

102-100 = $2

1300-100 = $1200

Total: $1602

In Combo Bets, all the odds are multiplied like this; Fight 1 odds 5.0, Fight 2 odds 1.02, Fight 3 odds 13.0.

5 * 1.02 * 13 = 66.3

Your total profit from this bet slip would be:

6630-100 = $6530

What is a Comboboost?

When betting on at least four eligible events your odds are boosted by 1.08. The more eligible events you bet on, the higher your boost will be.

Eligible event     Boost

4                          1.08

6                          1.15

8                         1.2

10                       1.5

Combo boost

With this Combo Bet you would have made a profit of 23,260 – 100 = $23,160 without the Comboboost. Since we have four bets eligible for Comboboost we multiply that profit by 1.08. Your profit after the boost is 25121.60-100 = $25021.60

What bets are eligible for Comboboost?

Bets that are eligible for Comboboost are marked with orange.


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