How You Can Host A Website For Free At GitHub


Did you ever felt like having a simple website, but don’t feel like paying a web hotel for hosting it? Here’s an alternative way to host your website, and it’s completely free! If you don’t have a GitHub account already, you need to start by heading over there and registering an account at

Once that is done, head over to your profile and create a new repository. You do this by clicking the + in the upper right corner and choosing New Repository.

Creating the repository for your website

Website repository

The repository must be named *yourusername* and be set to public.

Create repository

Once the repository is created, you get a few different options. If you aren’t used to working with git, it’s advised to create or upload a new file.

Create new repository

Name the first file index.html and either save it empty for now or put your HTML stuff here. It can be edited later, so it’s not important what you choose right now.


Create or upload HTML files, CSS, js and everything else for your website and make sure it follows the structure (if the website is already pre-made) or it will break.


When everything is uploaded and in its correct place, it’s time to see if it works. In your repository, click on ”settings”.

your name

This is just a demo page I used.

demo page

Here’s the demo website I setup:

This is the easy way of hosting a website on GitHub, at least if you have a little knowledge of HTML. You could also set up a Jekyll website using Ruby and write it with Markdown. It’s a lot more complicated (in my opinion), but if you (like me) enjoy learning new things I encourage you to at least give it a go.

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