Pragmatic Play’s “Sweet Bonanza”: Enhanced RTP


Sweet Bonanza Enhanced RTP and how it manifests in the game

Yesterday I was browsing different online casinos that I have an account at, but haven’t played a lot at. In an earlier post, I’ve written about how you can make a profit from participating in various contests held by online casinos. My intention for browsing around casinos was to check if I could find more interesting contests, but what I found was a few games by Pragmatic Play which had been customized for the casino and had an enhanced RTP!

Pragmatic Play is one of my absolute favourites among iGaming providers, so I just had to make a deposit and try these games. At the casino there were no further explanation about how the enhanced RTP had been implemented, just that RTP now was set at 99% (normally the RTP for these games are 95-96%).

What I wanted to see was:

  • Is the enhanced RTP noticable
  • How is it implemented
  • Does it increase the winning overall, or just in the base game (alt free spins)

To find the answers to these points I played each game for between 2-3 hours and recorded all of it. In this post, I will go through one of the games and give my opinion on them. The other games will get their own posts in the week to come. It should be noted that I have not done any more extensive testing than playing the games and comparing them to their originals.

In addition, these games are exclusive to Stake casino. If you want to try these games and don’t have an account already, you can register one here: Stake

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Sweet Fiesta

The first game out is Sweet Fiesta, which is a remake of the popular game Sweet Bonanza. The optical differences between this game and the original are the lollipops’ colour and the free spins multipliers. In the original game, the multipliers are bombs, but in this game, they are little donkeys that look like they were taken from Hot Fiesta.

Sweet Bonanza, Enhanced RTP, Pragmatic Play
Donkey – Hot Fiesta

My impression of the game is that there are slightly fewer wins in the base game than in the original game, but they are still common enough so that you don’t really lose money while playing. Unless you are really unlucky, of course.

The enhanced RTP seems to be in the form of more frequent free spins, and more chances of hitting multipliers when you get free spins. The video below shows a few of the free spins I got.

The speed is set at 200% so as to not post unnecessary long videos

Free spins come fairly frequently and offer a lot of multipliers. The max win on this game is 5966 times your bet, while the max win on the original game is 21000 times your bet. The highest win I managed to get was 134 times my bet (134 x $0.40 = $53.60). Because of the frequent free spins, albeit the small wins, I could make a steady stream of profit from this game.

Normally I don’t make use of the so-called “enhanced bet”, because in my experience it results in less profit. But since this is a remake of a game I normally play a lot, I decided to play some with the enhanced bet activated to see if it made any difference. The result can be seen in the video below.

As you can tell from the video, the enhanced bet really screwed up my winnings, while at the same time paid shit all once I got free spins. This further strengthens my belief that it’s better to not use enhanced bets and keep getting smaller wins in the base game, even if it might mean that it takes a bit longer to get free spins. Another heads-up is to not buy free spins, but that goes for pretty much all games!

My conclusions for this game are as follows:

  • The enhanced RTP is noticable, but it also depends on your gaming style. Playing the way I do, without enhanced bet, you will notice fewer wins in the base game and more frequent free spins. Overall I also think that the wins from free spins are lower on avarage compared to the original game.
  • It seems that the enhanced RTP mainly is implemented in the free spins, and even though the wins generally are lower from free spins they are also more frequent.

There is quite possible to make a low but steady profit from this game, as long as you are being careful and make sure to pause if you notice that you start losing. If you hit a losing streak, then don’t try to win back your losses right away. Take a break and do something else, or at least play something else, and come back later to gain what you lost.

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