Simple Automatic ERC20/BEP20 Token Generator


Earlier we have gone through how to create a basic token on (ERC20) Ethereum and (BEP20) Binance blockchains.

We have also learned of different ways of distribution, such as a simple faucet, a sales contract and a mint-on-demand contract.

A nice thing about learning things the hard way at first is that later on, you can take shortcuts without hurting your knowledge. Now we know everything there is to know about cryptocurrencies and smart contracts and just want to quickly create a coin, for demonstration, our own amusement or whichever reason you want.

And of course the technology to quickly create a coin without the hassle of going through Remix or creating contracts.

What you need for the Token Generator

  • The files, which can be found at GitHub
  • Enough knowledge to know where to put your files

Download the files from GitHub and upload them all to a folder with a suitable name where you have your hosting.

Something like

If you have done it correctly, it will look something like this.

Upload the automatic erc20/bep20 token generator files

The address to open the web app would now be:

When you open the link to your web app, it will try to connect to Metamask. If you plan on creating a coin, make sure that Metamask is set to the correct network (for example Testnet in case you just want to try it out).

web app

Fill in the name of your coin, which symbol you will use, how many decimals it should have and finally how many coins you will create. Keep in mind that when you specify the number of tokens to create, you must add as many zeros as you have decimals.

In the example above I want to create 100,000 tokens, and I want it to have 8 decimals. In the last field I will therefor put 10000000000000 (a hundred thousand followed by eight zeros). When you are happy with your choices, click on submit.


After a short while, a confirmation message, containing the address of the contract will show up. Copy that address and paste in in the appropriate blockchain explorer. I deployed my token on Binance testnet, so I would open up and search for the contract there.

The next step is to import your token to your wallet, because even though all tokens were sent to the wallet you used to deploy the contract with, they still aren’t showing.

  • Copy the contract address.
  • Open Metamask
  • In the asset list, choose “Import Tokens”
  • Paste the tokens contract address (the rest should fill in itself)
  • Click at “Add custom token”
Import your token
done 1

You will now be able to find your newly created coins in your wallet!

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