Single Bet


This is the most basic type of bet. Take this boxing match as an example. You have two fighters, and using a single bet type, you bet your money on the fighter you believe will win.

Single bet

Magomed Kurbanov is generally believed to be the better boxer of the two; if he wins, the odds are 1.15. If you bet $100 on Magomed Kurbanov as the winner, and he wins, you will receive $115 and make a $15 profit. If you instead were to bet your $100 on Parick Teixeira as the winner, you would make a $400 profit.

It’s easy to get confused if you are new to betting. Doesn’t a 5.0 odds mean that you get 5x your bet if you win? Yes and no. If you bet $100 and the odds are 5.0, you will get 5x your bet should you win, but this includes the $100 that was your initial bet. It is important to make a difference between the multiplier of the odds and the actual profit.

You make a $100 bet and put yourself back with $100. At this time, you have -$100 in profit. When the fighter you bet on wins, it will pay five times your initial bet since the odds are 5.0. Your profit right after you put your $100 bet was -$100; then you won $500.

-$100 + $500 = $400

Your total profit is $400.

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