System Bet


A system bet is similar to the combo bet but more forgiving and has less potential profit. More forgiving because it doesn’t require that you win all matches as it does in a combo bet, this also makes it less profitable.

What’s the difference between a system bet and a combo bet?

As seen below both slips has a total bet of $60, the matches have the same odds but the potential profit is much lower for the system bet (left). If you had used a combo bet (right) then all four matches will have to be won according to your bet in order for you to win. If instead, you choose to make a system bet only two matches have to be won according to your bet.

System bet

How does the system bet work?

The bets to the left (system bet) are as follows:

Philadelphia Union: Win at odds 1.72

New York City FC: Win at odds 1.61

Vancouver Whitecaps FC: Win at odds 2.26

Germany: Win at odds 1.75

At the bottom of the bet slip, you can see that the base bet is $10 and the total bet is $60, but we have only bet on four games. Why is that? This is how the system actually works.

Bet one: Philadelphia and New York both win.

Bet two: Philadelphia and Vancouver both win.

Bet three: Philadelphia and Germany both win.

Bet Four: New York and Vancouver both win.

Bet five: New York and Germany both win.

Bet six: Germany and Vancouver both win.

All in all, you have six bets at $10 each.

How are the odds calculated?

Let’s say that only Philadelphia and Germany win from the example above. Philadelphia has an odds of 1.72 and Germany has an odds of 1.75. We get the final odds for that bet by multiplying the odds; 1.72 * 1.75 = 3.01. For that game, we had a $10 bet, which means we would get $30.10 back. For this bet alone it’s a $20.10 profit, however, for the total bet, we have lost $29.90. Now let’s say that Vancouver also won their game, and see how that affects the odds.

Philadelphia and Germany; 1.72 * 1.75 = 3.01

Philadelphia and Vancouver; 1.72 * 2.26 = 3.88

Germany and Vancouver; 1.75 * 2.26 = 3.95

Total odds: 10.84

Total win: $108.4 – $60 = $48.4

When is it best to use system bets?

Since you can lose some bets and still make a profit, a system bet is a great way to minimize the risk when betting at high odds (high risk) games.

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