Where To Play Low Bet Third-Party Slots


One thing that seems to appeal to those playing at online crypto casinos is the in-house games, and often because you can place lower bets on those than on third-party slots. Those who wish to play third-party slots usually have to make bets amounting to at least $0.1. Granted that $0.1 isn’t a lot of money, but one needs to remember that you might have to play 100+ games before getting free spins or bonus games, and even then you might not win enough to make up for your losses.

I have found a casino where you can play some third-party slots with bets as low as 100 satoshis. 100 satoshi is the same as 0.00000100 ฿, which with the current value of Bitcoin (฿) is around $0.027. Okay, but with such low bet you can’t really win anything, you might argue.

The maximum win at the games you can play with low bets is 500000 times your bet, which at the current value of Bitcoin (฿) would amount to $13500. But you are correct, the chance to get the highest possible win is very low. But should you win even 10% of the highest possible win, you would still win $1350 from betting $0.027. That’s not a bad profit, is it?

Additionally, this website is one of the few I know of that are still offering crypto faucets. That means that you are able to claim around 100 satoshis every 1 to 6 hours (depending on your VIP level).


If you like playing third-party slots but think that the minimum bets are too high, then sign up and try this!

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